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Exam Preparation (post-C2) Course description – There are different standardized exams a student may choose to sit for, TOEFL, IELTS, CELPIP, etc. Regardless which standardized exam you choose, this course will prepare you to be successful and score in the 85 percentile of the candidates. The first step toward a high score is to prepare for the test and to know what to expect on the test day. “Fun English” Book #8 – Get Wise for Tests helps the candidate get acquainted with the test format and improve his/her confidence when writing, speaking, reading and listening English.  Even if a student believes that he is a proficient user of English, we still recommend that you take this course to prepare for a standardized exam.  It will make a huge difference in your score. Students who take this course are at a great advantage because they, not only continue to improve their academic English proficiency, but also become familiar with the ways how an actual exam works. This course will give you a complete guide to everything you need to know as you prepare for a standardized exam. During the 48 hours of this course, you will receive advice on each part of the test and by the end of the course you will learn about:

  • The standardized exam format
  • The assessment criteria
  • How to give a presentation/interview
  • Speed reading strategies
  • Types of exam tasks
  • Dealing with academic vocabulary
  • Dealing with texts on unfamiliar topics
  • Interpreting graphs and charts in correct writing format
  • Writing and proofreading academic essays

This course will help students develop their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in preparation for a standardized exam. In this course students will learn test taking strategies to help them reach their highest score goal. Students will prepare specifically for the listening and speaking modules, as well as the Academic Reading and Writing components.

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