Our Team

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Dr. Adriana Fishta-Bejko

Dr. Adriana Fishta-Bejko presently teaches ESL at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Calgary. She has 45 years of experience as an administrator, teacher trainer, author and international educator. Dr. Bejko has been involved in teacher training, textbook publishing and ESL/EFL teaching in Europe, United States, China/ Korea, Japan and Canada since 1975. Dr. Bejko has successfully lead language learning programs and trained teachers (pre-service and in-service) in 3 continents and numerous countries. She is a Fulbright Scholar, Lifetime Achievement Laurate and a recipient of “Who Is Who” in Education Leadership. Her research employs socio-cultural theoretical frames of reference, which consider knowing language learners’ identity as the initial step in empowering them to reach their potential in the acquisition of second/foreign language and achieving success in the globalized world. She believes that teachers and leaders in education should not perceive students’ cultural and linguistic ancestry as a barrier to learning but as an opportunity for creating a warm welcoming learning environment for them. Her expertise is in Brain-Based Learning and Second Language Acquisition. She has published a series of eight books called “Fun English” to teach and learn English based in an intentional and well-organized model. She has written instructional materials for ESL programs, which are based on thematic teaching methods, Structured English Immersion (SEI) and Universal Design for Learning. In her series of 8 textbooks called “Fun English” she caters to the needs of students at different levels of proficiency, different age groups and background education. These 8 “Fun English” textbooks teach English in context through themes from mainstream subjects (biology, social studies, language arts, math etc.) and encourage students to work with terminology related to literature and science. At the same time, these textbooks develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, good note-taking models, etc. Dr. Bejko believes that success is based in the Triangle of Caring: Parents -School – Students. She thinks that it is imperative that parents get involved in the education of their children and teachers should help parents learn the new culture, system of education of the country, and become an integral part of their children’s education. Dr. Bejko’s approach to teaching is interpretive and collaborative, with an underlying commitment to understanding how a better teacher training of teachers in teaching second language learners can develop the right skills in teachers and help them create an inclusive and respectful school culture that is supportive of students’ and parents’ cultural and language background, learning styles and emotional wellbeing. Her goal is for ALL her students to experience success and learn as much as possible. Every student can learn and will learn in her classes. She celebrates (not tolerates) everyone’s differences as an asset to learning.

Mrs. Betty Rose

Mrs. Betty Rose is a retired educator from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In her career of thirty-five years,

she served as a school principal and English language arts teacher in a variety of school settings from
kindergarten to grade nine.
Education: Mrs. Rose earned her Bachelor of Education degree; Master of Arts in Educational Administration, Teacher
Supervision and Leadership from the University of Calgary.
Mrs. Rose is committed to educational excellence and she has been a member of the Delta Kappa
Gamma International Society distinguished teachers (DKG) since 1991. She adheres to the Society’s vision: Leading
Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide. Betty served as DKG Area Representative for
Canada, 2018-2020 and was a member of the International Speakers’ Fund and the DKG
International Task Force for the past two years. As Area Representative, Canada, she chaired the
Canadian Forum at DKG International Conferences in Iowa, Iceland and Connecticut.
Community service: Betty is dedicated to helping women improve their lives through education.
Her favorite community organization is the RESET Society of Calgary (Rapid Exit from Sexual
Exploitation and Trafficking), where she assisted with the establishment of a scholarship fund to
enable at-risk women to pursue their educational goals. To date, $175,000 has been raised to
provide funding for over 100 women to complete their high school and college courses,
including one recipient who obtained a university Bachelor’s degree, ‘with distinction.’
Hobbies and Interests: Following retirement, Betty pursued interior decorating and became a
certificated residential interior decorator. Her hobbies are home décor, travelling and reading.

Ms.Yun (Catherine) Wang

Ms. Wang is an ESL teacher with a long experience of teaching English and German in China, Australia and Canada. She studied English and German at Dalian University of Foreign Languages, China.  She did her Master’s Degree in the ELT department at the University of St. Andrews in the United Kingdom and Marburg University, Germany.  She believes that English learning can be fun, if based on interesting teaching of the textbooks of the series “Fun English”. 

Ms. Liesel Sonnenberg

Ms. Sonnenberg completed her TESOL training in the summer of 2013. As an Educational Assistant she was often assigned to the ELL classrooms to assist the teachers with students who were brand new to Canada. Father Lacombe High School is known as the most culturally diverse populated school in Calgary.  Some of the students at Father Lacombe had next to no English and she had to help them understand what was being asked of them. She stresses, “I have had the honor and privilege to assist Dr. Bejko and team-teach with her in some of her classes”. She has ,also, tutored adults one on one privately. She loves languages and enjoys learning and passing on her knowledge to others.

Ms. Susan Anibueze

Ms. Anibueze is a dedicated and proactive professional with experience in providing support services to children, youth, and families. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from the University of Benin, Nigeria 2001, where she served as a school principal for many years. Since she came to Canada, she has held many teaching positions and now she is pursuing her Master’s degree. Ms. Anibueze has strong writing and editing skills in English and Ibo languages and very strong oral communication and interpersonal skills. She is well-known for effectively supporting students with diverse learning needs individually and in groups. She whole-heartedly provides support to students with approved learning materials to suit the student needs individually and in groups.

Ms. Danjela Lumani

Ms. Danjela Lumani is the head of our administration team. She is a motivated, self-starting and goal-oriented professional with proven abilities in helping co-workers and customers in any kind of tasks, until they are satisfied with the end results, they are looking for. She always brings her personal integrity, strong work ethics in her workplace. It is worth mentioning that living and working in different countries in Europe and now in Canada, has provided her with exposure to different systems of education that has broadened her awareness towards cultures and diversity, a necessary ingredient in today’s workplace. While gainfully earning professional experiences in administrative assistance and education, Ms. Lumani has become a huge advocate of second language learning as an asset to a successful future in today’s globalized world.

Mr. Erion Bregasi

Mr. Bregasi is the Sales Manager of Dracana GPS. He has 10 years of experience in translation and team management. He is a fluent speaker of Albanian, English, Italian and Dutch languages. His hobbies are languages, history and classic literature. Working for the Dutch company “Liasanco Media” helped him focus in management and he has always improved skills like strategic planning abilities, strong communication skills, collaboration and motivation skills as well.

Ms. Mirna Ismael

Ms. Ismael is a lover of young children and an enthusiastic educator. She has an interest in the being a teacher at elementary school level. She has four years of experience, and has worked in a variety of settings, assisting teachers with their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.